Développement Agropastoral et Sanitaire- « AMAGARANIKINDI »


Nos Partenaires


Bubanza head office (Permanent bureau) ;
Zina branch;
Musenyi branch ;
Musigati branch ;
Cibitoke branch ;
Bujumbura branch

2. Associations and networks

a. Countrywide:

Association of Ex-combatants for Peace and Development(ADPD) of Bubanza ;
FORSC( Forum for strengthening civil society), www.forsc.org
National Commission to fight against the proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons, http://www.cnapburundi.bi/index.php/fr/
Burundian Alliance to fight against AIDS(ABS), http://www.abs-burundi.org ;
Burundian Action Network on Small Arms and Light Weapons(REBAL/BUANSA)
Network SOS-Woman in Distress(SOS-FED)
Association for Solidarity and Socio-Health Assistance(ASASS-BURUNDI), http://www.healthwelfarework.org/en/index.htlm

b. Worldwide :

RAIAL/IANSA(International Action Network on Small Arms) based in London, in the fight against small arms and light weapons, http://fr.iansa.org/;
World Diabetes Foundation (WDF of Danmark),in the fight against ignorance on diabetes in rural areas of Burundi, www.worlddiabetesfoundation.org ;
Urgent Action Fund-Africa(UAF-Africa of Nairobi), in urgent actions to rescue actors of woman human rights in danger
Global Fund for Women (GFW of USA), in the promotion of woman and girl rights in rural post armed conflict, http://www.globalfundforwomen.org/
Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund(VGIF of New York) , in the promotion of rural woman socioeconomic rights, www.vgif.org;
UNDP/BURUNDI, in community reconstruction for pacific cohabitation between ex-combatants and the host population, http://www.bi.undp.org;
Network of women’s organisations of French-speaking Africa(RORAF), in the publication of project calls and other information on promotion of woman rights, http://roraf.org/;
RAFAL Network (www.reseau-rafal.org/node169), in the publication of activities on the fight against proliferation of SALW, www.reseau-rafal.org;
Central Africa Treatment Action Group(CATAG), in the fight against HIV/AIDS, www.itpcglobal.net;
CARITAS BURUNDI, in the prevention and fight against malaria, www.caritas-burundi.org;
CORDAID/BURUNDI, in medical care taking of destitute persons via its performance based funding program, https://www.cordaid.org/en/partners/cordaid-burundi/;
MEDOR Action, in medicine support, http://medor.de/en/